Wednesday, September 24, 2008

La Boîte Noire (The Black Box)

I became attracted to this movie because Marion Cotillard is credited as one of the stars of this Richard Berry film, but have to admit that the movie totally gave a strong headache by just watching the video clip alike visuals that are absolutely visually disturbing. My conclusion is that Marion before La Môme did very ‘strange’ movies and I should be looking forward only to the ones that will come in the future.

The film tells about a man that awakes from a short comma after a car accident, but actually is his unconscious speaking and takes him (and unfortunately also us viewers) into a nightmarish voyage between his past and present. The idea behind the movie is not that bad as compares the human brain to the black box of airplanes, were ‘everything’ is recorded; but the way the director decided to tell the story just makes it too pretentious as art cinema and almost impossible to watch.

I suppose that if you like cinema with fast pace, fast handheld camera, crazy editing, blur, and many more crazy camera effects, all done with crazy music that just intensifies the disturbing effects, then this movie is for you. But be aware that the movie totally changes in the last third to become ‘normal’ but then the story becomes totally predictable and uninteresting.

No, I didn’t enjoy this thriller/mystery movie and I cannot recommend it.

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