Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calle Santa Fe (Santa Fe Street)

One of the most hard to watch documentaries I have EVER seen and one of the longest as has 163 minutes that just went by in a second. I cried a lot and will continue to cry a lot. But not because the documentary is sad or I’m sad, no. Because defeat of any kind is hard to take, because when you revisit your memories is hard to take, because when you had a lifetime passion and you still have it is hard to take, and because passions are blind and blindness is hard to take. Because coming to terms with what you are is hard to do and because you will always look for ways to close the circle, to put end to unfinished business so perhaps then, you can start to live again.

If you understand each and all of the above comments, this is a must be seen documentary for you.

This is a very personal voyage of Carmen Castillo, who was the partner of Miguel Enriquez, secretary general of the Movement of Revolutionary Left (MIR) in Chile. In a way tells about the life that some Chileans had to live for the last forty years or so. But also tells about how when you really believe in something it is hard to let it go.

Carmen Castillo directed this doc that was in competition in the Un Certain Regard at the 2007 Cannes and was competing for the Camera D’Or as is Castillo’s first film. Also have many awards and nominations in festivals all over the world.

Honestly it’s very hard for me to write about this documentary, so if you want to learn more please go to the Variety review or if you understand French the official site is here. Still, this is one documentary that I highly recommend to everyone that knows about the first 9/11 and if you don’t, then perhaps this is one way to learn about it.

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