Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Stone Angel

I decided to check this movie as actually this movie is Ellen Page’s next movie after Juno, Smart People was released after this one. If you’re an Ellen Page fan I suggest that you do not watch this movie for her performance, as she only appears like perhaps 5 minutes in the whole movie. Think that they made noise about Ellen Page, just to attract viewers to this drama that well, it is not that bad because Ellen Burstyn performance.

The film is based on Margaret Laurence 1964 Manitoba based novel that some say is a staple for Canada’s 12th graders and basically tells about a 90 something years-old woman that’s struggling against being put in a nursing home. While she struggles she remembers her life via flashbacks. A compelling Ellen Burstyn plays the older Hagar and Christine Horne does a good job playing the young Hagar.

Tech specs are average and well, the drama feels and looks like a made for TV movie that since is an across-generations story, it would have been better to do a miniseries that allow less compression and rushing of the story.

Still, if you enjoy classical generations dramas that show first and second generations of immigrants –this time from Scotland- and/or if you enjoy Ellen Burstyn performances, then perhaps you could give this movie a try and if you do not expect much you'll probably enjoy it.

I decided to include the original poster for this movie, as I believe that after Juno, they decided to change it and include Ellen Page in the poster, which is totally misleading.

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