Saturday, August 02, 2008

Purple Violets

Perhaps the film festival that screens movies that really disappoint me is the Toronto International Film Festival; obviously they tend to screen films that do not appeal to me. In last year fest they screened this Edward Burns film that well unless you like Burns as a director, actor or writer, I suggest to stay away of it as this drama is a true sleeper and to confirm it, let me tell you that after the fest went directly to iTunes for online watching or download.

The movie tells about two college couples that when college was over split, only to reunite again something like a decade after where each has their own life and well, you guess it, they hook again. What can be more boring and predictable than this? Anyway the only thing interesting in this film is a very clean cinematography, nothing else.

On the positive side, if you want to give it a try because the actors, Selma Blair, Patrick Wilson, Edward Burns or Debra Messing you can watch it or download it via the net.

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