Sunday, August 03, 2008


The only motivation I had to see this movie was Charlize Theron and well I succumbed and went to see it. WHAT A SURPRISE! I liked the movie a lot as the totally unexpected twist caught me by full surprise and I just love it! This is a great role for Charlize Theron and she delivers a very credible performance as the nice soccer wife that’s so nice that something must be behind her and unfortunately I cannot say more or I would spoil the best unexpected moment of this movie and perhaps of many others that I have seen since I started the blog.

I had very low expectations and just was trying to have some fun with the special effects and gee, I even enjoyed Will Smith performance that I do believe was enhanced by working with Charlize and with the very acceptable performance by Jason Bateman. But have to admit that the story is intriguing and engaging once you overcome the silliness of the beginning of the movie that looks and feels like any regular movie, but everything changes when Ray (Bateman) convinces Hancock to be ‘nice’.

By now I believe that almost everyone knows what this movie is all about, but just in case you live in that part of the world where Hollywood machinery does not extend its tentacles, then you should know that is about a vigilante superhero whose reckless actions routinely cost millions of dollars and nobody likes him, as he’s always drunk. Eventually he saves Ray and as I said everything changes for Hancock and for the movie that becomes very interesting.

It’s truly a shame that some viewers will not even consider watching this film because of the absurd marketing they have done. But then, they made millions just in the opening week and have a lot of disappointed regular action films viewers that did not enjoy the movie because it is not Will Smith regular fare, not a comic based movie and not a total regular summer action movie. Then, that’s exactly the reason I enjoy it a lot and why I suggest to those that haven’t consider watching it, to do so as probably will enjoy it as much as I did.

One thing I do agree with some critics’ and is related to the length of the movie. As them, I really wanted more, I wanted to know more about the two characters and wanted to have more interactions between Charlize and Smith. If they ever made a sequel, be sure that I’ll see it and hopefully they will tell more about the intriguing situation that’s not fully uncovered or perhaps is so intriguing that you need more. If this wanting more was done intentionally, well they succeeded and if it was not, they also succeeded as not many movies make viewers to feel the need of knowing more about the story. That’s extremely good.

Anyway, I strongly suggest you give a try to this movie if you have it in your skip list.


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