Friday, August 29, 2008

65th Venice Film Festival News

The second surprise movie in the Orizzonti section has been announced and here it is.

Wanmei shenhuo (Perfect Life), Emily Tng Xiaobai, China

This is the film description.

Two women cross paths at an important turning point in their lives. Strangers, and yet very different, somehow their pasts and futures may have a lot in common. Stuck in a dreary industrial town in north-eastern China, troubled 21-year-old Li finally gets the chance to step out and see the world when a disabled man asks her to help him carry a painting to Shenzhen, in the far south, near Hong Kong. Although she loses trust in the thin promises of men, Li refuses to go home and now faces a hard life in Shenzhen. Jenny encounters Li on a street corner in Shenzhen. Jenny is in the midst of a divorce. For no apparent reason, she has chosen to leave the Hong Kong life she had always dreamed of and struggled so long to attain.

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