Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Festivalul Serile Filmului Gay

Next October 13 to 19 this festival will take place in Cluj-Napoca and here is a description of the festival.

This October, Cluj-Napoca will be hosting the 5th edition of the Gay Film Nights, a festival that has known ever-increasing popularity since its beginnings. Inspired by last year’s success, the organizers are giving their best to turn this edition into a first class event, bringing movies from all over the globe to Cluj-Napoca.

“Same people, same dreams, regardless of appearances” is this year’s motto. The festival will take place on October 13-19 2008 and is organized by Be An Angel Romania, with the support of Kultur Forum Europa. It is viewed as an occasion to open up the LGBT community and its core issues to Romanian society. “We’re trying to use art to build bridges between people, to communicate and to understand each other, regardless of sexual orientation,” the organizers say.

The festival will include LGBT-themed movies, a contest section, exhibitions, shows, parties and other events. As it has become tradition, the Romanian Gay Awards will recognize the efforts of Romanian public figures involved in supporting the country’s LGBT community. Entry will be free, as always.

The site has already listed some of the feature films, short and documentaries that will screen and probably they could add more films, so I’ll be checking to update as soon as more information appears.

Some of you know that I’m trying to learn Romanian and if you understand the language -or not, it does not really matter- I suggest you check the blog section and especially some of the links as you will be able to find an online TV channel that broadcasts LGBT only programs, most in the original language with Romanian subtitles.

Anyway I’ll be checking the site for new additions and if you want to browse the site available in English go here.

Last I want to thank the organizers (sfg) for letting me know about this festival and for visiting the blog. Mult'umesc!

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