Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Finally I decided to go watch this movie and well, first Angelina Jolie has a secondary role; second she does not look that good (bony –literally you can see her face bones) and third, if what I read is right (producers asked her to gain weight) then yes, in some scenes she looks better, less ghost/cadaver alike and more her good looking self.

The movie is loosely based on the comic book miniseries of the same name that seems is even more violent than the movie, as they claim to have toned down the violence for the movie and I just imagine how the comics must be, because the movie is really full of fake violence with some scenes that really get to you and others that just made me laugh as they were truly silly.

I believe that is good to know that the movie is based on a comic as the story is total fantasy, but as you can imagine, I had no idea until I started to read about the movie, still during the movie you do get the feeling that is everything is high fantasy.

Tells about a common guy that suffers anxiety attacks and is totally bored with his life and wishes for something different. As some say you have to be careful with what you wish as his wish is granted when he discovers that he’s the son of a famous and almost invincible assassin. Obviously the training from accountant to assassin is truly, truly violent and almost unbelievable, but then you have to remember that none of the other comic book characters have ‘believable’ transformations into super men.

I like James McAvoy performances and I cannot complain that his role in this movie was bad acted, as it was not, as he really transforms into a more assertive man and the transformation I found it somehow similar to Tobey McGuire being Spiderman. Also, I believed that all the other characters are in supporting roles to his performance.

Anyway I found it entertaining and with extremely good editing and special/visual effects. But I know that those that get involved in the story and have the feeling that everything is true wont enjoy it as much, as the fake bloody scenes and the fake violence at times is hard to watch. So, if the last paragraph describes you, I suggest you stay away from this movie.

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