Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sex and The City

Also went to see this movie that picks up exactly from the last episodes of the TV series but something like 4 years after and well I imagine that most of you know the story, Carrie finally marries Mr. Big, but since this is a movie and you need to fill more than thirty minutes, the marriage to Mr. Big became a big endless drama that absolutely does not suit the good-frivolous feeling that the TV show had.

I laugh a lot with the happy and silly moments, but the drama almost made fall asleep as perhaps as could happen to many that were fans of the TV show, I’m very familiar with the characters and somehow going into sad drama does not fit the image you have of each of the girls.

Still, most of the happy moments feel like a good extended TV episode with fashion and labels coming and going as if it was a big infomercial about high fashion. At least this time it was not all about shoes; here we have also handbags (my weakness) and clothes.

Think that hard core fans of the TV show will not enjoy that much the complete movie, but will just love what I have been calling ‘happy’ moments. So, my best suggestion is to wait until the DVD is out, as you can always fast forward the ‘sad’ drama moments.

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