Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 Semaine de la Critique Festival de Locarno

Locarno’s Critic’s Week is a parallel section of the Locarno fest organized by Switzerland’s national association of film journalists. Here are the documentaries in competition.

Kili Radio – No More Smoke Signals, Fanny Bräuning, Switzerland, 2008
Nobody Is Perfect, Niko von Glasow, Germany, 2008
Bill – Das Absolute Augenmass (Max Bill The Master’s Vision), Erich Schmid, Switzerland, 2008
Estrada Real Da Cachaça (The Royal Road of Cachaca), Pedro Urano, Brazil, 2008
Apology of An Economic Hitman, Stelious Koul, Grece, 2008
Kites, Beata Zdanowicz, Poland, 2008
Four Wives – One Man, Nahid Persson, Iran and Sweden, 2008

To check their site go here.

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