Friday, June 20, 2008

Enlightenment Productions

I know that some that read this blog will be very interested in this film production company that has already produced and will produce in the future what looks as very interesting stories in what it seems to be high production values films.

The company is co-owned by producer Hannan Kattan and writer/director Shamim Sarif and operates from London. Here is a sample of the movies Enlightenment Films, the sales division, was promoting in 2008 Cannes.

The World Unseen, Shamim Sarif, South Africa and UK. A drama adapted from the award-winning novel of the same name by Shamin Sarif. Starring: Lisa Ray (Water), Sheetal Sheth, Parvin Dabas (Monsoon Wedding). The movie site is here.

I Can’t Think Straight, Shamim Sarif, UK. A romantic comedy adapted from the forthcoming novel of the same name by Shamim Sarif. The movie had the market premiere screening in 2008 Cannes, so it is completed!!! Leading cast: Lisa Ray (Water), Sheetal Sheth and Bernad White (The Matrix). The movie site is here and soon they’ll have a trailer and the ‘making of’ videos available.

Despite The Falling Snow, Shamin Sarif. This project is a drama/romance that is in the pre-production stage and the leading cast is none other than Lisa Ray. The project has the following description: A powerful, epic love story that moves across eras and continents, present day Boston and 1950’s Moscow, to unfold an enthralling drama of love, treachery and redemption. The movie is slated for production in 2009.

If you want to learn more about Enlightenment Productions go here and to learn more about the films go to the sales division site here. If you want to visit Shamim Sarif site with information about her books go here.

This is a good example of a remarkable business enterprise that honestly I really hope they will succeed beyond being just one more independent movie production company, as from the little I know about this company I can visualize their business plan that seems to be very interesting and in a way could be breakthrough for a small production company that does not want to remain the same in the future.

I’m ‘dying’ to see their films and unless I travel overseas to catch a festival, I will have to wait until the films come to DVD as if these films are like what they promise, I know that all current and future films will go to my collection not only for my enjoyment but more important, in support to a remarkable production company that I wish to succeed and I will do as much as I can to help them succeed. Perhaps some of my known readers will also like to support this company in any way they can.

I have only one plea… I just wish they could release the DVD sooner, so the films become available faster to many more people around the world.

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