Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

In my quest to find an acceptable romantic comedy I decided to check this movie and well it is not the romantic comedy that I’m looking, but it is acceptable in the efforts to tell the story with a different approach. I believe that could be a female crowd pleaser as has a young adorable kid, a sensible man and well, the proverbial happy ending.

The movie basically is a bedtime story that a father tells her daughter, the twist is that because the 10-years-old daughter had her first sex education class, she’s full of embarrassing questions and the father ends up telling her a “special” bedtime story: his romantic life or how he met her mother.

Performances are acceptable especially from Abigail Breslin (as Maya, the daughter) and with the best screen presence Rachel Weisz that from the three women in Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) life is the one you wish it will be Maya’s mother. Then I have to admit that I have an odd liking of Ryan Reynolds and even when I do not like much the movies he’s always doing, some I do enjoy especially when he’s not playing the stupid comic roles. This is one of those few movies where he does a more serious role and of course I did enjoy more the movie because he was here.

Not a masterpiece but cinematography is acceptable with nice takes of New York City that in a way becomes another nice character that complements the story and makes it a little more credible.

I believe most women will enjoy the movie while most men will not, especially those men that look forward to Ryan Reynolds doing his regular comedy. So, if you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy with a different approach to the classic story perhaps you should give it a try.


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