Monday, June 02, 2008


Second I saw again this movie that since I like it very much when I first saw it many years ago, I decided to include a post here for this still today good movie. This is a 1992 movie by Louis Malle that tells about a member of English Parliament that passionately falls in love with his son’s fiancée with disastrous consequences.

Just by the brief summary I give you about the movie you have to know that this movie is a drama of epic human proportions, but besides the excellent director I have to tell you that is one of the best performances by Jeremy Irons and an outstanding performance by Juliette Binoche that looks so good here as almost always is dressed in black and has a strong dark mystery air surrounding her expressions and performance.

When was first released the movie drew many viewers comments because of the graphic sexual scenes, but since then I believe that most people have seen more graphic and more rough sex scenes, so you will not be that surprised nowadays. Still, because of the actors intensity in the sex scenes this movie could make you gasp even today as is undoubtedly erotic.

Anyway if you want to know more about this movie, no matter if you saw it years ago or if you haven’t seen it, check this 1992 very good interview with Juliette Binoche in the New York Times. Can’t help to say that the interview was before Blue was released in the US, when she was still sort of an unknown for American critics. Check it here.

Be aware that this is not your usual love triangle story, this is a dissection of the most dark human nature and as I read somewhere I also suggest you read the book by Josephine Hart after you see the film, as probably you will enjoy putting the actors images into what you read.

This is a multiple award winner and nominated movie that includes Miranda Richardson nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 1993 Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and Richardson winning the 1993 BAFTA in the same category. Juliette Binoche was nominated for Best Actress in the 1993 Cesar Awards.

I know that some of you readers have seen this movie but perhaps I can motivate you to revisit this film today to find that the story, the performances and the film still feels and looks better than many recent strong drama films.

For those that haven’t seen it yet I strongly suggest you give it a try.


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