Saturday, June 07, 2008

3 on a Match

This 1998 film by Fred A. Robbins is not that good, as has bad acting, music is awful and a not so good script. Then you can easily tell that is a movie directed by a man as the love scenes look and feel truly fake and most come out of the blue with no buildup.

I believe that for that year is outstanding to find a movie about two lesbians thinking about having a baby that gives so much information about how to do it even when in the movie they do it the old fashion way. The story could have been better developed as the only lesson I get from this movie is that when you're blue not to get drunk with your straight male friends, lol! Absurd.

Anyway I know that is a film that some that read this blog will have to watch and well, if you have very low expectations perhaps you will enjoy it. Still, I had very low expectations and did not enjoy it much, so go figure.

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