Monday, June 09, 2008

2008 Brussels Film Festival

If you’re wondering how come I'm posting so many festivals info today, well let me tell you as is very simple. Cannes is a monster that left me exhausted! But today I’m picking up the pace and finding many interesting movies.

This festival will take place from June 28th to July 6 in Brussels; there are many interesting sections and I’m listing only two.

Official European Competition
The Official Competition is a selection of 14 films from European directors, only first or second feature films.

Musta Jää (Black Ice), Petri Kotwica, Finland and Germany, 2007
Blind Loves, Juraj Lehotský, Slovakia, 2008
The Early Years - Erik Nietzsche Part 1, Jacob Thuesen, Denmark (screenplay by Lars von Trier!)
Everybody Dies But Me, Valeria Gaï Guermanika, Russia, 2008
Der Freund (The Friend), Micha Lewinsky, Switzerland, 2008
Das Herz ist ein dunkler Wald (The Heart is a Dark Forest), Nicolette Krebitz, Germany, 2007
Heart of Fire, Luigi Falorni, Germany and Austria, 2008
I am from Titov Veles, Teona Strugar Mitevska, Macedonia, France, Belgium and Slovenia, 2007
Involuntary, Ruben Östlund, Sweden, 2008 (five mini sketches –social studies of individuals’ behaviour in a group… interesting)
Lo Mejor de Mi, Roser Aguilar, Spain, 2007
Nirvana, Igor Voloshin, Russia, 2008 (seems VERY interesting, a must be seen for me)
Das Fremde in mir (The Stranger in Me), Emily Atef, Germany, 2008
Versailles, Pierre Schoeller, France, 2008
With Your Permission, Paprika Steen, Denmark, 2007

A selection of young independent filmmakers, presenting their first or second feature film, which hasn't received enough visibility in the traditional film circuit.

57000 KM entre Nous, Delphine Kreuter, France, 2007
Correction, Thanos Anastopoulos, Greece, 2007
Jetsam, Simon Welsford, UK, 2007
Noveau Monde, Mathieu Lalande, Thibault Mombellet, Morgan S. Dalibert, France 2004
Road Spain, Jordi Vidal, Spain, 2008
Nur ein sommer (Where the Grass is Greener), Tamara Staudt, Belgium, 2007

To check all the sections and films information go here.

I just noticed that there are many movies –in this post and previous- with women directors, seems like this year movies are going to be more interesting for me, as women directors tend to have particular vision about whatever they are telling in the story. Great!

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