Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Happens in Vegas

I was not going to read about this movie in the net, as I assumed that critics were going to kill it. Well I was not that wrong, but the surprise is that some did like it, as well as many viewers. Yes, this movie is very niiiiiice (with that many “i”).

With a totally predictable story done already many times, how can a movie be niiiiice? Surprisingly enough because the good performances by Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutsher. The casting is just perfect and now that I think about it, both have been doing similar types of physical comedy… so the two together doing their thing is just fun to watch and yes, they have good chemistry together, both in the funny moments as well as in the almost serious ones.

There are some moments that are annoying but generally speaking, it is a movie that will make you smile, laugh and without noticing you will fall for the characters and when the movie gets sort of serious you are absolutely taken by them. Well, that’s what I call good acting in a very commercial movie that succeeds to engage you.

No damage does to also mention the small appearances by Queen Latifah as Dr. Twitchell, Dennis Farina as Richard Banger, and Dennis Miller as the judge; all have small but funny roles. To my surprise Michelle Krusiec is here in a role that absolutely does not fit the profile I have of her, but I suppose her performance is good, as I find her character very unpleasant and that’s the way it had to be. Then I could kill both actors playing Joy and Jack best friends.

Oops I almost forget to tell you what is all about. Tells about ultra-organized Joy (Cameron Diaz) and sloppy Jack (Ashton Kutcher) that meet in Vegas and while partying get totally drunk and marry each other, but the twist is that they win the big jackpot and the divorce or annulment becomes not that easy when big money is involved. Yep you know it, they fall for each other, but you have to see how this happens.

Anyway if you need or want a moment to escape and have a good time smiling and laughing, then you have to see this movie that I found surprisingly good.


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