Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jodhaa Akbar

I’m torn with this movie, as I did like it a lot (have seen it twice) but at the same time I find that to my western eyes is not as entertaining as for example Guru, Umrao Jaan or even the light Dhoom:2. Why? Well the beginning of the movie with those many not interesting battles almost killed me and almost made me stop the movie.

Is not that I do not like epic battles in movies, I do. I just love most Japanese and Chinese movies with those grandiose battles that look like a choreographed dance between rivals. Okay I do not like most American movies battles as most go for the fierce and violent confrontations that appeal to many but not to me. So, I think that battles here while not violent as in American films, are not as beautiful to watch as in other eastern movies. They are boring.

But when Jalaluddin (aka Akbar) grows up and the romance story starts to be told the movie becomes not only one of the most interesting romance stories with historic consequences, but also seeing Aish and Hrithik together is an incredible experience of beautiful people together, with outstanding performances (eastern style) and strong screen presence.

The movie loosely based on historic events tells about the Muslim emperor that rudely conquered India and with the help of a marriage of convenience to Hindu and Rajput princess Jodhaa decides to allow religious tolerance in India between Muslims and Hindus. The movie centers in how Jalaluddin (Hrithik Roshan) wins the heart of strong willed Jodhaa (Aishwarya Rai Bacharan) and as is told at the end of the movie, about how Jodhaa in silence influences Jalaluddin historical decisions. So, is a love story about two people with different cultures and religions that because of love change the history of a world’s region.

I suggest that if you’re familiar with that region history, do not look for historic accuracy as you will not find it here, and its inaccuracy has been the cause of many incidents in different regions of India (was banned in many places) and many viewers displeasure with the movie.

Cinematography is spectacular as always is in Bollywood movies and I just missed more beautiful dances, as the film has mostly very nice songs. The sets are unbelievable beautiful as well as the colorful costumes. This movie is truly a feast to your eyes.

I don’t have to say that Aish looks so beautiful as most of you will believe that I’m biased, but truly there are so many scenes where you cannot believe how beautiful she is and looks, but also how great an actress she can be. Just loved her choreographed sword fights (remember her in the Last Legion?) that become beautiful dances! But I have to say the same about Hrithik, in this movie he is so handsome and beautiful that hurts your eyes! His performance is totally a surprise to me, as I have seen him only in light movies, but here he really performs well and creates such chemistry with Aish that seldom you can see in romance movies from allover the world.

This movie will surely become a classic in Bollywood cinema, as is a movie of epic dimensions, I just wished that they would have made the battles more interesting to watch and then this movie will have been a big 10 for me. Still, as I say in the beginning I loved this movie!

I strongly recommend this movie to all that like Bollywood movies and to those that still have to discover how good Bollywood movies can be. If you get bored as me with the battles, I suggest you fast forward to when Aish and Hrithik characters are older.

Big Enjoy!!! (Skipping the battles)

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