Saturday, May 03, 2008

I Really Hate My Job

Knowing that it was a British comedy and with that suggestive title, I had to see the movie and so I did. Well I had a few strong laughs thanks to what happens in the kitchen and the crazy Chilean dishwasher, but this is no comedy this is a talky theatrical drama that honestly it make feel that I shouldn’t be going to unknown restaurants, as you never know what happens in the kitchen, in the bar, around the tables and with the personal lives of all the people working there.

Tells about one night, one second rate London restaurant, one Maitre D’, two waitresses, one kitchen help that has to cook that night and one dishwasher; but they are really a lover, an actor, an artist, an author, and a revolutionary respectively. The movie totally feels like a stage play and you could find one or two characters with whom you could identify. But has one special thing, you would not be able to like any of the five female characters, as all are way too much to take them seriously, so you end up detaching from the story and the film.

Can’t say that I liked, but I didn’t dislike it, it is average and not really entertaining. But it is “watchable” if you feel like seeing five women talking and talking. Well, yes Neve Campell that plays Abbie, the bartender/waitress and aspiring actress, does a nude scene that I found unpleasant because of what she says during that moment. Even if I’m not sure as I really disliked that character, I think the Maitre D’ was lesbian.

Anyway if you feel like seeing women in a non-stop-talking movie, then perhaps you should give it a try.

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