Thursday, May 29, 2008


The best thing about this movie is the great music that I only wish they could have more numbers and less melodrama about different cultures, different social classes and differences that at the end they try to prove cannot divide people, but in my opinion fail to convey the message due mainly to poor performances and a director that is still learning and has a long way to go.

Tells about a great violinist that dies and his widow discover that he has a second life that she’s not aware of. In the other life he used to play with a kid that’s a prodigy playing the violin but it is poor and comes from Bosnia. The widow, a Slovenian, decides that the violin must go to someone that uses and gives it away as a present to the kid. Obviously there are many things happening but they are quite melodramatic to take them seriously.

I believe that the story is good and could touch people, but honestly the acting and directing is absolutely below average, perhaps the only exception is the widow, but she cannot save the movie. As a movie there are some good shots like the funeral that is outstanding with the beautiful white building and everyone in black, but then the camera is used only to follow the characters, which is a shame.

I enjoyed the music, it is really extraordinary; but is not enough to enjoy this movie that becomes tedious with the flat camera and the bad acting.

Only if you really like violin music, then give it a try; otherwise you can skip this movie. I wanted to see this movie because is a movie from Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and I’m not that familiar with their cinema, but then this is not the movie to learn much about it.

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