Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Le Héros de la Famille (Family Hero)

A fascinating and very elegant movie with the most incredibly good cast that perform more than superb in this Thierry Klifa sophisticated drama/comedy with very nice songs sung in English by none other than Emmanuelle Béart.

This very-very French movie tells about a will left by the owner of the cabaret The Blue Parrot that changes the life of a family that hasn’t been a family for many years and when they get together at the funeral you’ll be able to see why they haven’t been close. But soon enough everything starts to change when some secrets start to pop-up and slowly closure is done and life goes on. According to Klifa this is a happy movie and you have no idea how good-happy it is.

As the movie happens around the Nice cabaret you will be able to see some cabaret shows that totally recall the excellent shows of very famous Paris cabarets, very nice! But what is truly outstanding is to have performing together Catherine Deneuve, Miou-Miou and Emmanuelle Béart, three of my favorite actresses. They’re superb! The rest of the leads are also great with Gérard Lanvin, Claude Brasseur, Michaël Cohen and Géraldine Pailhas.

If you really enjoy good and light French cinema this is a movie that you simply cannot miss as will give you a very good feel while watching and at the end. But have to share that this movie is so French that you have transvestites, gay couple, incredibly tall and beautiful bare women dancing in the cabaret and all sort of complex characters – with all straight and gay couples embracing when light works explode and cover the Nice sky!-, which obviously just adds to lots of viewing pleasure.

The story is very good, but good looking thespians performances, the shows, Emanuelle singing, the sets and very good cinematography makes it an outstanding visual experience with substance.

I do recommend this movie to everyone that love good French cinema and miss excellent Parisian cabaret shows like me.


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