Tuesday, April 08, 2008

La Habitación de Fermat (Fermat’s Room)

Very nice thriller from first time directors and screenplay writers Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña that will involve you quite fast thanks to thespians good performances and a plot with many twists that are slowly uncovered as they find solutions to logical and mathematical problems.

The story tells about four mathematicians that are invited to a weekend retreat to solve a great enigma and as a PDA starts to give them one/two minutes to resolve problems, the room starts to shrink when they do not solve it in the time given. Maybe I’m a little naïve but I was hoping for some interesting mathematics problems, but no there is nothing that you can enjoy in that sense, as this is a movie that all audiences will like as has no scientific nuisances and is pure thrilling entertaining. True is that at moments could crisp your nerves because the claustrophobic sensations but the script has some dark comedy moments that allow you to relax and make this voyage sustainable and entertaining.

The movie feels like a stage play but I imagine that will be very hard to do it in a stage because the room shrinking, but still it really feels like a stage play. Have to say that the end was a little disappointing but is one acceptable ending that like one Spaniard critic says, it is perfect for a Hollywood remake!! (lol!) and I wouldn’t doubt that they could do it as the screenplay has all the Hollywood commercial requirements ready.

As a movie is normal with some outstanding upper takes (without the roof) of the room that increase the claustrophobic feelings. The movie is a winner of some awards in Portugal and Spain fests and I believe is a crowd pleaser that I do recommend to general audiences as will give you thrills.


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