Saturday, April 26, 2008

21st Singapore International Film Festival Award Winners

The fest run from April 4 to 14 with some very interesting films, shorts and documentaries that you can check at the fest site and here are the Silver Screen award winners.

Best Asian Feature Film Category

Best Film: Slingshot, Brillante Mendoza, Philippines, 2007
Special Jury Award: Out of Coverage, Abellatif, Abdelhamid, Syria, 2007
Best Director: Brillante Mendoza for Slinghshot, Philippines, 2007
Best Performance: Inessa Kislova for Swift, Abai Kulbai, Kazakhstan, 2007
NETPAC Award: Slingshot, Brillante Mendoza, Philippines, 2007

I especially recommend checking a 2006 documentary by Lim Mayling called Women Who Love Women: Conversations in Singapore described as one of the few docs ever made about lesbians in Singapore.

Also intriguing is 2006 Aideu- Behind the Screen by Arup Manna from India about Aideu Handique, who at age 14 acted in the first Assamese movie Joymoti in 1935. At that time, acting in front of the camera was considered an evil deed by the conservative people of the village and she became an outcast.

But one documentary is a must be seen for me and it is called Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens by her sister Barbara Leibovitz, USA, 2007 which tells about her incredible iconic images but also about her private life.

To check the other award winners and synopsis of all films, shorts and docs go to the fest site here.

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