Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sztuczki (Tricks)

The second film written and directed by Andrzej Jakimowski is a little gem because the way the movie is constructed, non-actors performances and a marvelous story that I like to see as what happens when you tempt destiny, fate or luck in a magical, methodical and inspiring way.

Tells about 18-years-old Elka and his lovely 6-years-old brother Stefek and one summer when little by little things happen in their very normal everyday life. As Stefek says “Elka knows tricks, even if she doesn’t know it” and yes Elka has some magical tricks that seems to help her to understand destiny, fate or luck; but it is Stefek the one that has not only understood the way to do them, but applies everything that he has learn to get who he believe is his father to meet with his mother.

Actually there are a few little stories being told simultaneously and I just told you about the main story as Damian Ul that plays Stefek performance not only carries the complete movie on his shoulders, but also is a pleasure to watch him doing everything that he does.

In my opinion this movie is a very good representative of Eastern Europe cinema and one not to miss if you have seen this cinema before and you have like it. If you haven’t and wish to give it a try let me tell you that this is another movie where apparently nothing is happening and you will see little details of everyday life in a small Polish town; obviously there is a lot happening in each scene that contributes to slowly, very slowly, develop the story. Brilliant and very entertaining!

The movie was screened at the 2007 Venice Film Festival where won the Label Europa Cinemas Award and the Laterna Magica Prize; has other nominations and wins in fests/awards all over the world.

This is a very poetic film with outstanding cinematography with a story that is a drama but is presented so fresh, enjoyable and lively that I can hardly call it a drama; it feels like a magical slice of life in complex yet simple provincial life. Not for all audiences you have to like outstanding Eastern Europe movie styles.

I highly recommend this movie to those than enjoy serious cinema and a great director and storyteller.


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