Monday, March 03, 2008

Radio Corazón (Heart Radio)

One of the good things about having low expectations is that you can be surprised more easily. That’s what happened to me with this movie, as I wasn’t expecting much and surprise-surprise this movie is above average and quite entertaining.

Let me start by saying that Radio Corazón is a real radio show in Chile where radio listeners call to share their stories with other listeners. The movie tells three stories based on real calls that the radio show had. Perhaps because is based in real life stories is what makes this movie different and I ended up liking it quite a bit.

The first story is called Iniciación (Initiation) and tells about three high school girls that make a pact to lose their virginity before their 18 years old birthday. The segment is silly, funny and you will laugh with story and the unexpected end.

The second story is called Mi Nuera (My Daughter in Law) and tells the most unusual coming out of the closet I have seen with a mother that falls for the fiancée of her son. This segment is more serious with acting that is on the bad side, which makes it even more melodramatic; but still it was very interesting to see what they showed. Also you have an attractive actress playing the Argentinean fiancée. Do not expect much characters development, as it is just a short story; but gee, this could be a nice long story for a new movie where they can show more of “how it happened” and also “what happened” after the end of the segment. Still with my wild imagination I easily filled all the gaps. This is a must be seen for many that read this blog.

The third and last story is called Cuento de Hadas (Fairy Tale) and is sad with a happy ending. With the best style of telenovelas (soap operas) tells about a very wealthy family (owners of vineyards so you will see very nice vineyards landscapes) where the mother has a terminal illness and helps the husband to continue their family after she dies.

The movie as a movie is not that bad with good production values, but do not expect much. What I find outstanding is that in Chile there is a popular and very successful radio show where you can call and tell stories like these and who knows how many other stories program listeners have listen to and that are potentially interesting for moving them into the big screen. I could easily watch more stories like the ones I saw.

I do recommend this movie for the second story, but have to admit that I enjoyed a lot more than I imagined the other two stories.


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