Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It must be in the water but I’m still watching romantic comedies and found another good one this time made by Reese Whiterspoon production company with her having a secondary role that looks more like a cameo appearance.

This one tells about Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci) that due to an ancient curse a witch placed on the Wilhern family and being the first girl born after the curse, she gets to have pig nose and ears. Her mother (Catherine O’Hara) and father (Richard E. Grant) fake her death to avoid more press confrontation and keep her hidden at their house. But the curse was supposed to be lifted if “one of her own learns to love her”, so when she’s in her late teens the mother starts to look for a blue blood suitor as the Wilhern family belongs to the most upper scale of society.

I know the plot sounds kind of silly or even like the Ugly Duck story, but this fairy tale is much more as according to me is about being different and about parents that do not accept who you are. Can’t say more as I will spoil the good twist this story has and it is worth to be surprised when it happens.

The movie has very good actors like the ones I already mentioned delivering quite good performances especially Christina Ricci that is perfect for odd roles; but here we have also James McAvoy and Peter Dinklage.

As a movie is all right nothing spectacular but nothing outstandingly bad. The movie premiered in 2006 Toronto Film Festival and was in the 2007 Cannes Film Market.

Not a masterpiece but a very unusual romantic comedy with a very nice message that I believe will appeal to women of all ages more than any other audience group.


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