Friday, March 07, 2008

Mad Money

Well I wanted a movie to entertain me and finally I found one that did so greatly. Okay it is not a masterpiece, it can be a girly-girly movie that women could like (men will not) but it is entertaining as time flew fast.

Tells an absolutely fairy tale about a heist to the Federal Reserve where three female employees steal money that is about to be destroyed. Just think that the plan is envision by Bridget Cardigan (Diane Keaton) who recruits Nina Brewster (Queen Latifah) and Jackie Truman (Katie Holmes) and you’ll probably guess that has to be silly, with some good funny lines by Queen Latifah, fun to watch and becomes plain old entertainment with adequate performances from this odd trio of great looking women.

This is a movie where you just have to sit, enjoy what you watch, leave the cinema and go on with your life after relaxing for more than an hour. Well if you go with female friends sit in a café and you could fantasize a little about the movie stuff, but I bet you that soon enough the conversation will change subject.

Of course all critics killed the movie (most are men), male viewers didn’t like it and some female viewers found it funny and entertaining. So if you’re a woman my best suggestion is wait until the DVD is released, rent it and you will probably enjoy it more at home.


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