Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Manhattan

I know I said I was going to give romantic comedies a break, but I found this little gem that just crushed my heart and well, I suppose I’m in a romantic “mood” as I found this movie to be quite a charmer and even a “little” related to earlier Woody Allen’s films.

Set in Manhattan’s Upper West Side tells about 11-year-old boy named Gabe that narrates his first puppy love and we follow him falling for Rosemary Telesco, a girl he knows since kindergarten and after being apart for a while he finds her again at his karate class. From that moment on you will be taken into a two-weeks (a lifetime for any tween) of funny, tart and romantic moments.

Starring charming Josh Hutcherson as Gabe and Charlie Ray as Rosemary with good performances that will rapidly involve you in the story and with supporting roles we have here Cynthia Nixon and Bradley Whitford as Gabe’s parents, plus this movie has dialogues that could recall smart-funny moments in Woody Allen’s NY/New England movies (including Manhattan).

As a movie is not a masterpiece, but the story and the performances are good enough for you to feel captivated by this kid and all his confusion when he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. After the movie ends you will feel good and with a very enjoyable ahh! moment.

I imagine that this movie will appeal more to adults and to women more than to men. So if you’re in a romantic mood, perhaps you should give it a try.


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