Thursday, March 06, 2008


Looking forward to have a 100% entertainment moment after seeing too many really good movies I decided to check the latest movie from Doug Liman and well, it is entertaining mainly because some very good special visual effects and a story with lots of potential that unfortunately wasn’t much explored or developed in the film.

The film based on the 1992 science fiction novel Jumper by Steven Gould tells about David Rice a jumper (jumpers are those that have the ability to teleport anywhere they have been previously) that discovers his ability at the most crucial life moment and while understanding what is happening to him lives a life of leisure and fun until the leader of the Paladin organization (Samuel L. Jackson) finds him. Paladins are dedicated to the eradication of all Jumpers since unmemorable times.

Starring Hayden Chirstensen as older David Rice with a performance that is totally one dimensional and some critics blame it on the screenplay that does not allow his character to develop and probably they are right as there is not even one character well or satisfactory developed. Also here you find Jamie Bell, Diane Lane and Rachel Bilson.

Well, bet you they were expecting to do sequels as the end clearly leaves room to continue the story, but with all the efforts dedicated to do a visually interesting movie with less attention paid to the story, I wonder who would be interested in viewing a sequel.

I can hardly recommend this movie for the story, but if you feel like watching good visual special effects then this is a movie to see them.

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