Sunday, March 16, 2008

Films You Can Skip

I’m back with two films that you can skip if you wish.

27 Dresses

Well is not a masterpiece with a too predictable story that at moments could annoy you with not so funny lines. There are a few good moments like when Katherine Heigl sings and dances at the bar, but since I do like her a lot in Grey’s Anatomy I find her performance here flat and not entertaining. If you believe that you must see this movie I suggest you wait to rent the DVD.

Love and Other Disasters

The only word that really describes this movie is Disaster. This is a terrible movie with B-list movie actors that include Brittany Murphy performing quite badly. There is a gay story line here with too often seen absurd clichés (he is not gay, but she believes he’s gay) and a gay roommate looking for love in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons (he obviously finds love with the most unlikely man). Okay the story could have been funny and entertaining if only they had better actors, better screenplay and better director.

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