Thursday, March 06, 2008


While still feeling like watching movies to entertain me I decided to explore into the teens movies world and gave Disturbia a try. Well it was good and even if it took me a little while to get involved with the beginning, soon enough I was captivated by noteworthy Shia LaBeouf performance and when things start to get interesting I pleasantly rode the movie until the end.

Trying to be objective I have to say that at moments I wasn’t sure that something “bad” was going to happen, but then I couldn’t help saying to myself this is a teen movie so something bad has to happen. I say objective because soon enough I recognized the story and obviously I knew what was going to happen. See, there is an Alfred Hitchcock classic called Rear Window that tells a similar story.

But still have to admit that I enjoyed this movie that seems does not want to be related to Hitchcock or be called a Rear Window remake and in a sense I do sort of understand the reason why as it will give the end right away. But then I think that not many teen audiences know who Hitchcock is, much less have seen his movies… so, go figure.

Tells about Kale Brecht who gets into trouble at school sometime after seeing his father car accident death. This leads to 3 months house arrest with not much to do at home. When a new attractive girl moves next door, he starts looking at her from his window which of course leads to easily start to look at other houses as well and that’s when he gets into real trouble. Of course things happen with the girl and he gets the help of a school friend.

Carrie-Anne Moss plays Brecht’s mother and I believe that she should not be playing mother roles yet, she’s too cute to be realistically consider as a mother of a teenager and gosh I was waiting for her to do her Matrix moves at any minute, but no luck here. All right this is silly, but I had to share my silly thoughts with you all.

Anyway I’m glad to have seen a movie that entertained me and hope that I didn’t spoil the movie for you, if you haven’t seen it, by saying that is totally related to Rear Window. Still give it a try as you will notice quite fast the very promising performance by Shia LaBeouf, which probably will bring him better roles when he gets older and leaves the teen targeted movies.

If you haven’t seen this movie I do recommend it as a surprisingly good thriller with only a few disturbing (actually silly and disgusting are better descriptors) scenes at the very end.


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