Monday, March 17, 2008

The Accidental Husband

I like romantic comedies even when they are fairy tales and total fantasies, as most make me feel good, light and entertained. But lately most romantic comedies have failed to make me feel good and have not entertain me. This is another movie in the long list of not good romantic comedies done with good actors just to attract viewers who are disappointed after another terrible try.

The movie has an absolutely predictable story about two opposites that attract each other, so perhaps is more about how they get together, but below average acting, bad screenplay with flat characters, terrible editing and directing makes this movie quite annoying and well, boring. The only thing I enjoyed is the Indian ceremony that looked like a not so glamorous Bollywood moment.

By coincidence yesterday they were showing Notting Hill on TV and I saw it once more. Almost everything in this story is not likely to happen in real life, but this is a fantastic romantic comedy with A-list actors, great cinematography and good director. Why they have stopped doing romantic comedies like this one? Beats me.

Anyway in the Accidental Husband you have Uma Thurman, Colin Firth, Sam Shepard, Isabella Rossellini, Keir Dullea and Jeffrey Dean Morgan that if you are not familiar with Morgan, well he became famous in Grey’s Anatomy playing Denny Duquette the patient that becomes engaged to Katherine Heigl character. Not bad actors but definitively all are wasted here.

Still, Uma looks quite nice here but as in some of her latest flops (remember My Super Ex-Girlfriend?) she just does not save the movie. But the worst part is that I do like Colin Firth but I do not understand why he does roles with characters that are just awfully dull and do not fit his actor profile? His Richard Bratton character could have been played by any B-list actor and would have been the same.

By know you can guess that I was very disappointed with this movie and with most romantic comedies I have seen lately, perhaps I should give a break to the genre. I suggest you skip this movie and if you feel you must see it, wait until you can rent the DVD.

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