Monday, March 17, 2008

32nd Hong Kong International Film Festival

Today this famous Asian cinema festival starts and the best part is that the award winners of the 2nd Asian Film Awards will be finally announced later today. The fest has 4 competition sections: Asian Digital, Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries, SIGNIS Award and FIPRESCI Prize. Here is the list of the films competing in the Asian Digital competition.

Crossroads, Wang Jing, China
Fujian Blue, Robin Weng, China
Little Moth, Peng Tao, China
Sweet Food City, Gao Wendong, China
Of Monster Mode, Ishii Yuya, Japan
What the Heart Craves, Takahashi Izumi, Japan
Days of the Turquoise Sky, Woo Ming-jin, Malaysia
Flower in the Pocket, Liew Seng-tat, Malaysia

To check all the Programs and more information about the movies go here.

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