Sunday, April 20, 2008

10th Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival Award Winners

Recently this fest announced the line-up of the films that will be screened from April 8 to 20.


"Los paranoicos," Gabriel Medina, Argentina
"SOS Ex," Andres Tambornino, Argentina
"Una semana solos," Celina Murga, Argentina
"Up the Yangtze," Yung Chang, Canada
"El cielo, la tierra y la lluvia," Jose Luis Torres Leiva, Chile/Germany/France
"Night Train," Diao Yinan, China - Winner of the Special Jury Award
"Andalucia," Alain Gomis, France
"Mange, ceci est mon corps," Michelange Quay, France/Haiti
"Correction," Thanos Anastopoulos, Greece
"Those Three," Naghi Nemati, Iran
"Flower in the Pocket," Seng Tat Liew, Malaysia
"Cochochi," Israel Cardenas, Laura Amelia Guzman, Mexico
"Intimidades de Shakespeare y Victor Hugo," Yulene Olaizola, Mexico - Winner of Best Film
"Yo," Rafa Cortes, Spain
"Wonderful Town," Aditya Assarat. Thailand
"Help Me Eros," Kang-sheng Lee, Taiwan
"Ballast," Lance Hammer, U.S. - FIPRESCI Award Winner and Best Director Award Winner
"Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind," John Gianvito, USA

"Bye Bye Life," Enrique Pineyro
"Construccion de una ciudad," Nestor Frenkel
"Historias extraordinarias," Mariano Llinas
"Luego," Carola Gliksberg
"La orilla que se abisma," Gustavo Fontan
"Resfriada," Gonzalo Castro
"Suden," Gaston Solnicki
"El sueño del perro," Paulo Pecora
"Unidad 25," Alejo Hoijman Winner of Best Argentinean Film

There are about 300 movies and shorts to be screened in several categories and if you want to check the full line-up go here. Go to their site for more information about winners in all categories.

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