Friday, February 08, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Never imagined that so soon I was going to do another post for a movie that will be released later in the year (September 19, 2008 in Spain) but I couldn’t resist sharing with you about this movie as could be interesting, even when I’m worry what Woody Allen could do with a great Spaniard cast, but let’s be optimistic.

Starring Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson -in what I hope is a comedy- the movie is about a painter that falls for two American tourists (the other one is Rebecca Hall) and has a jealous girlfriend (Cruz) and “everything” happens between them.

Have to admit that I enjoyed a lot reading the Spanish news, gee they are so funny and sensationalist that you cannot help but laugh out loud. If you understand Spanish just google the movie and choose Spanish only and you will find a lot of funny articles and lots of pictures from the movie.

I met Javier Bardem in dark comedies (loved Jamón, Jamón), so I know what he can do in the hands of many Spanish directors, so I really hope that Woody Allen will go to his beginnings and remember that he can do outstanding dark comedies.

But all the fuzz about this movie is because Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson share what everyone is calling a very “hot lesbian” scene. Well to be honest somehow in an Allen’s movie I have a hard time imagining a “hot lesbian” scene, but perhaps when I see the movie I will be “surprised”.

Anyway, I have always seen Javier Bardem movies and will see anything/everything with him, have seen all Scarlett Johansson movies and will see everything with her, and well, yes have seen most Penélope movies –like the ones she does in Spanish better than in other languages- and well I suppose I’ll see some of her future movies.

Think that I’m more excited about seeing Javier Bardem in a comedy than about “that” scene with Cruz and Johansson lol!

I’m sharing two of the many pictures of the two actresses together in the set.

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