Saturday, February 02, 2008


This movie made me believe that the novel of the same name by Alessandro Baricco must be interesting to read as a love and adventure movie; but this Francois Girard movie even when has extraordinary cinematography with outstanding scenes from winter Japan and beautiful small village in Italy –representing France- does not convey the story well as it keeps you waiting for something relevant or interesting to happen and never does, that’s it until the very end.

Possibly trying not to give away the unexpected end that uncovers this incredibly amazing act of love, the movie got lost in beautiful cinematography and no substance. Perhaps it was difficult because you had to really develop more the character of Hélène Joncour played by Keira Knightley and give her more room to express her adoration for her husband.

Still the movie is visually amazing and with the music creates visual poetry, but it is not enough to like the movie as a whole and I believe it is a shame as this could have become a classic if only the screenplay would have been more interesting and the director paid less attention to visuals and more to narrative.

I cannot recommend this movie, but if you feel like giving it a try I am sure that you will highly enjoy the visual poetry of the extraordinary cinematography.

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