Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The “Secret” is "On"

I was going to keep the “secret” a little bit longer but since the Academy Awards motivated me to generate so many posts and some do not fit this blog, I'm spilling the news.

There is a Movie On clone that just recently started to see the light. He he. If you like to read “Unusual” reviews about Television, well you can go to TV On (not an original name, isn’t?? lol!) with a tell all address: http://storytellertvon.blogspot.com/

I do not see that much TV but I have some things to say about some shows and I’ll be sharing my thoughts in the clone sister blog of Movie On. So, if you want to read about what I think about the Academy Awards show and the infamous Red Carpet Shows you can do it there.

Hope you visit and hope you like it.


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