Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretendiendo (Ugly Me)

As you can guess I like to see movies from all over the world and I decided to give a try to this movie mainly because Mexican actress Bárbara Mori -well known for her telenovelas or Latin soap operas (which I have never seen as I do not like soaps) and because I do like some of the feature films she has done like La Mujer de Mi Hermano. Also because I like the USA TV show Ugly Betty (haven’t seen the original Colombian or the Mexican clone soaps) and truly was wondering how ugly can a beautiful woman like Bárbara could look (she doesn’t look that ugly!).

Labeled as a comedy I found it to be not my type of humor and perhaps the language was too local Chilean to get the jokes. But what I found terrible is the cinematography with an awful transfer from video to 35mm that spoiled what could have been nice sights of Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso.

The story is the same as all the TV shows I mentioned, with some little twist as now the woman was beautiful and decided to become ugly for not credible reasons within the bad written story.

Nope, I didn’t enjoy the movie but perhaps some of you will, as this movie was a blockbuster in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

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