Saturday, February 09, 2008


Thanks to a very generous gift from a new friend I was able to see this very nice movie with excellent performance by Dogme actress Paprika Steen in the lead role in this Jesper Nielsen movie about a strong character and controlling woman –even if she’s totally unaware- and how things in her life can suddenly become very complicated when everything in her family goes wrong when she takes in her terminally ill father for the last few weeks of his life and his father’s imminent death fails to materialize, her husband is having an affair and her gay brother is having a baby by a lesbian couple.

It is a simple story that you can easily relate to –even if you’re not Danish- but with the great screen presence and performance by Steen everything becomes exceptional and she truly deserves all the honors she got for her performance in this movie, which include winning the Grand Jury Prize – Special Mention in the 2002 AFI Fest and a nomination for Best Actress in the European Film Awards.

The movie also has many accolades including the CICAE Award - Special Mention at the 2002 Locarno International Film Festival.

This drama/comedy is very easy to watch and I do recommend it for the amazing performance by Steen. Best suited for those that like European cinema and dramas that seem like everyday life.


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