Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mexican Filmmakers

Today I found information about three Mexican movies that could be very interesting to watch.

Rudo and Cursi. Produced by Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñarritu, Guillermo del Toro and others. Can you imagine a movie produced by this trio?? Written and directed by Carlos Cuarón (he wrote Y Tú Mamá También screenplay and is Alfonso’s brother) tells about two brothers that are soccer players (hmm) played by Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna. Currently in post-production this comedy/drama seems doom to attract local and international audiences.

Cosas Insignificantes (Insignificant Things). Andrea Martinez first feature is a co-production by Tequila Gang (Guillermo del Toro and Bertha Navarro) and Warner Mexico. Tells about secrets unfold from the ordinary treasures an adolescent girl guards in a box. Cast includes Barbara Mori and Fernando Lujan.

But the most interesting of the three is Los Bastardos and as you can see finding info about this movie also allowed me to find information about other Mexican movies and one very international director that works in Argentina and I’m looking forward to meet. This makes me very-very happy!

Los Bastardos (The Bastards). The second film by Amat Escalante that nabbed widespread critical attention with his first feature Sangre. Produced by Mantarraya Producciones (the production company that releases Carlos Reygadas movies, besides I found out that Escalante is Reygadas protégé!) this movie could be very-very interesting and I now I have to see Escalante’s film Sangre (2005) that won many awards including the FIPRESCI Award at 2005 Cannes.

By the way if you like Carlos Reygadas movies as much as I do, I suggest you check the following movies produced by Mantarraya. Carlos Reygadas is the producer of many of them.

A Mexican Story, Artour Aristakisian, 2008, Mexico and Russia
El Arbol (The Tree), Carlos Serrano Azcona, 2008, Mexico
La Influencia (The Influence), Pedro Aguilera, 2008, Mexico and Spain (movie site is here).
Nippon e Yokoso, Pablo Aldrete, 2005, Mexico
Opera, Juan Patricio Riveroll, 2007, Mexico

Also interesting are the following movies by Lisandro Alonso that Mantarraya distributes in Mexico.

Fantasma, Lisandro Alonso, 2006, Argentina
La Libertad (The Liberty), Lisandro Alonso, 2001, Argentina, France and Netherlands (trailer is here.)
Los Muertos, Lisandro Alonso, 2004, Argentina, France, Netherlands and Switzerland (similar to Reygadas Japon, wow!!!) (Also known as Sangre in Argentina) (check Lisandro talking about this movie here available only in Spanish)
Liverpool, Lisandro Alonso, 2008, Argentina, France and Netherlands (currently in post-production)

To learn about this interesting Brazil born director that works in Argentina, has lived in Europe and now lives in Chicago (!!) check this article in Senses of Cinema.

To check Mantarraya site go here.

Wow! Now I have many more interesting movies to look forward to watch, this has been a very exciting morning for me!

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