Friday, February 08, 2008


This Icíar Bollaín is a good movie especially because the extremely well developed characters in a screenplay co writen by Tatiana Rodríguez and Bollaín. Tells about three private detectives Inés (María Vázquez), Eva (Najwa Nimri) and Carmen (Nuria González) and some cases that they are involved with some with client’s lives and others with their own lives.

The movie is entertaining and the story is a little bit predictable, but has very good cinematography is well edited and great Steadicam camera takes give the movie an appropriately urban feel. Actresses are solid and have good performances.

But I felt that all the stories -and consequently the whole movie- were somber and obviously the acting was somber. After seeing the movie I got a sad feeling even when the three stories have a positive ending.

The movie has 14 nominations in Spain festivals and awards. Not a masterpiece but it is a good movie for those that enjoy Spain cinema, also it will appeal to those that like the women themed movies in Lifetime channel.


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