Monday, February 25, 2008

Marion Cotillard

This is my very first post for an actor, but gee I feel so glad for her win that I have to write about her whatever I have in my mind and share with you some of the many articles in several languages that I have been reading in the marvelous Internet.

For not yet clear reasons I do feel extremely happy for her multiple award winning strike that last night included the Oscar. All awards mean peer and industry recognition and is so good that an excellent performer gets all the honors and recognition that she deserves for an amazing and very risky performance as Edith Piaf. Risky because Piaf is an international beloved singer and a sacred figure in France; but as we were mesmerized when watching the movie, we came to realize that her risk was absolutely non-existent as she was Edith Piaf! Still today when I think about the movie (that if you read the review I found really disturbing as it really touched me) I feel I’m looking at Edith Piaf and not Marion Cotillard. Brilliant!

We already figured out that her career has to explode after this winning strike and all around the world they are talking in many languages about her success and her future plans that include starring alongside Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in Michael Mann’s portrayal of John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd’s early 20th century exploits in “Public Enemy.” She’s also slated to appear alongside fellow Academy Award winner Javier Bardem in the big screen adaptation of the hit musical “Nine.” This last movie obviously is a must be seen for me as I have to see everything with Javier Bardem and I’m puzzled that he got a role that Antonio Banderas did in Broadway, but then Banderas does not have an Oscar (see, this is one of the benefits of award winning strikes!).

Thinking about last night gathering with friends I confirm that yes Marion was not much familiar with the life of Edith Piaf (nor was I) and here is exactly what she said:

"Je ne connaissais pas trop la vie de Piaf et j'ai commencé par la découvrir, dans une sorte d'immersion, j'ai visionné les films qu'elle avait faits en tant que comédienne, je l'ai énormément écoutée... ensuite il a fallu trouver l'espace en moi pour faire cohabiter deux personnes, elle et moi", avait expliqué l'actrice en février 2007 lors de la présentation de "La môme".

But as I did –and many others-, she discovered Piaf life by doing La Môme and I talk about this as one of my friends was puzzled about Cotillard admission for not being familiar with Piaf life. I believe that some of us outside France and perhaps a few inside France, were not that familiar with her life. We know and adore her as a singer, but thanks to this film with a brilliant performance by Cotillard we learned more about Edith Piaf troubled life.

As I love the idea of living once and many more times her acceptance speech I include the youtube video.

Isn’t she just charming???!!!

If you feel like checking her also very charming babbling in French and English in the backstage Thank You Cam go here. There is a very nice interview done by Le Figaro at the red carpet when she arrived. Check it here. Please note that is available only in French.

Then in Allocine there is a fun to watch video called “Le Sacre de Marion” that shows stuff from the Oscar’s, the Razzies and the best one minute on Marion’s career. I suggest you do not miss it. Also I suggest you check the video Speciale Cesar 2008. Both are here.

She is the first French national that receives an Oscar for a French speaking role but if you’re interested in learning the other French born actors that have had nominations and Oscars check here and discover that the list starts with none other than Claudette Colbert!

Here is the clip with Marion SINGING the Edith Piaf song Padam Padam at the backstage press conference. OMG she's just adorable!!!

Well, think that I poured most of what I have inside and since I finished this post before the others I’m simultaneously doing I will posted first as my little honor to this great actress.

Think that you can guess why I haven't post about the Oscar's until now, I have been absolutely lost in the huge amount of interesting Oscar news available in the Internet. I'll share some with you all.

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