Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lars and the Real Girl

What a surprise! What a beautiful and uplifting movie and story! I loved this movie! I strongly suggest that you do not read a thing about this movie so you can be impacted by the story and the outstanding performance by Ryan Gosling; he absolutely deserves the Academy nomination, as he is excellent here… Oops! he’s not nominated… he he that is another terrible omission as I believe he could have replaced the boring performance by Clooney in Michael Clayton.

As you can guess I knew the basics about this movie and was delaying seeing as the basics didn’t appeal me. How wrong I was and just in case you are experiencing the same sensations after learning that is a movie about a guy and a doll, please just forget about it even when is true.

This amazing and quite strange story is so good that gives you a lot of food for thought about so many things that becomes a big, big emotional ride that simply you cannot miss. Perhaps after watching it you’ll think about tolerance, loneliness, overcoming your past, and the nicest sense of community that you can hardly imagine. This movie is so unbelievable positive and yes you will shred a tear or two, but you will also laugh out loud when the situations become so incredibly odd.

Obviously with such a delicate subject you need outstanding performances and Ryan Gosling is more than perfect playing Lars Lindstrom and there are other very good supporting performances especially those by Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson.

Big kudos to director Craig Gillespie for great direction and to Nancy Oliver for very good screenplay as they were able to make such an endearing, intelligent and tender drama/comedy that probably in different hands and with different actors could have been a terrible mess.

Most critics are calling this movie a “miracle” but you have some that did not like it at all and call it “shamelessly trafficking in heartland territory”, some viewers love it –like me- while others call it “horrible” so chances are that some of you will love it and some of you will not.

But this multiple award nominated film including the 2008 Golden Globe nomination for Gosling –who won the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical at the 2007 Satellite Awards- with Nancy Oliver having an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay, is one movie I strongly suggest you do not miss.

Big Enjoy!!!

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