Saturday, March 01, 2008


The movie tells about a terrible consequence of war and thousands killed just because their army was defeated. But what really make me think is the terrible fate of Poland to be between the Soviets and the Germans in those times when civilization was put to test and failed.

This tragedy happened in 1940 and as Poland became Soviet territory the truth was “erased” from history and is not until the 90’s that the Soviets acknowledge that they did it. The movie shows only the 40’s story and the “erasing” by the Soviets.

Even if the story is one to be told for healing purposes and for new generations to learn about history, the movie as a movie was average there was nothing notable with the only exception of the very good sky takes when opening credits are rolling.

Seems that our dearest Academy members really like history lessons about Nazis, Jews, Soviets, Polish citizens and Genghis Khan, which are the themes of the four nominated for foreign language films that I have seen until today. The only one pending is 12, but from these four have to say that The Counterfeiters is the best, hope 12 is better. Now I’m surer than ever that my favorite Romanian movie should have won the infamous Oscar in this category.

I cannot recommend this movie and unless you want to know about WWII and Poland history you should avoid it. I like a lot movies from Poland, but this is not one of them.

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