Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bella Ciao

Seems that lately my radar when renting movies is taking me into many generations stories told in such a non-relevant way that I’ll will have to fine tune my radar! This is another tale about a family that fled Mussolini’s Italy and end up in Marseilles.

This 2001 movie tells about a communist schoolteacher turned house painter and his also communist active wife that try to make it in the new land but never forget their motherland that somehow haunts them and their two kids. His eldest, Oreste tries to make it but fails, it is not until the third generation when their kid finally makes it as a doctor and the future looks brighter.

The only thing I found interesting in this Stephane Giusti (based on his own real life story) movie is the magic realism of some scenes and the great way to move in time across decades.

If you skip this movie you’ll not be missing much.

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