Monday, February 25, 2008

80th Academy Awards Notable Win

Among the many news I found today about the Oscars there is one particular news that is absolutely notable and a must be seen for many that read this blog. As I find the Advocate article a well-written summary, I am reproducing it.

Film About A Lesbian Couple's Struggle for Equality Wins Oscar

Cynthia Wade won an Oscar last night for her short documentary, Freeheld, about the 2006 struggle of New Jersey Lt. Laurel Hester's struggle to transfer her pension to her domestic partner during the final months of her life. Hester, who worked as a detective on the force for 25 years but was now battling cancer, took on the locally-elected Ocean County Freeholders to give the financial security of her pension to her partner Stacie Andree, a right automatically afforded to heterosexual married couples. The film is a look at the LGBT community's effort to face down bigotry interwoven with the touching journey of a couple coming to terms with the end of their time together.

"It was Lt. Laurel Hester's dying wish that her fight against discrimination would make a difference for all the same-sex couples across the country that face discrimination every single day -- discrimination that I don't face as a married a woman," Wade, who directed the film, said during her acceptance speech. She also thanked her husband for taking care of their children and holding down a full-time job while she worked on the film.

Producer Vanessa Roth added, "And to all our supporters and our families who believed that even a 38-minute movie could change minds and lives, and to our children who remind what's really important. And to Stacie, who's here tonight, who's really auto-mechanic by day but hero in life and always did what was right."

Freeheld has been awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and the Audience Awards at Outfest, Newfest and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

If you feel like checking the original article go here. To see the two honored women at the Thank You Cam go here and to check the short documentary site go here.

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