Friday, February 22, 2008

37th New Directors/New Films Festival

One of the things I miss most about living in NYC is the humungous amount of extraordinary activities that are available. One of them is the most prestigious non-competitive film festival co-sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Department of Film and the Film Society of Lincoln Center that showcases the work of emerging filmmakers.

This year they have quite an interesting lineup with a total of 26 films and seven shorts from 17 countries.

"Frozen River," Courtney Hunt (USA)
"Ballast," Lance Hammer (USA)
"Correction," Thanos Anastopoulos (Greece)
"Eat, for This Is My Body," Michelange Quay (Haiti/France)
"Epitaph," Jung Bum-Sik and Jung Sik (South Korea)
"Falling From Earth," Chadi Zeneddine (Lebanon/France) screening with"Cinema Mundial (1958-2007)," Carles Ascensio (Spain)
"Foster Child," Brillante Mendoza (Philippines) screening with “The Wind's Stories," Javier Beltran Ramos (Venezuela)
"La France," Serge Bozon (France)
"Japan Japan," Lior Shamriz (Israel) screening with "Camels Drink Water," Nathalie Djurberg (USA)
"Jellyfish," Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen (Israel/France)
"A Lost Man," Danielle Arbid (Lebanon/France)
"Megane," Naoko Ogigami (Japan)
"Momma's Man," Azazel Jacobs (USA)
"Moving Midway," Godfrey Cheshire (USA)
"Munyurangabo," Lee Isaac Chung (U.S./Rwanda)
"Sleep Dealer," Alex Rivera (USA/Mexico)
"Slingshot Hip Hop," Jackie Reem Salloum (USA)
"Soul Carriage," Conrad Clark (China/U.K.)
"The Toe Tactic," Emily Hubley (USA)
"Trouble the Water," Tia Lessin and Carl Deal (USA)
"Valse Sentimentale," Constantina Voulgaris (Greece)
"Water Lilies," Celine Sciamma (France) screening with "Man," Myna Joseph (USA)
"We Went to Wonderland," Xiaolu Guo (UK) screening with "Flotsam Jetsam," Patty Chang and David Kelley (USA)
"Wonderful Town," Aditya Assarat (Thailand)
"XXY," Lucia Puenzo (Argentina/Spain/France)
"La Zona," Rodrigo Pla (Spain/Mexico)

The fest is curated by a combined team from both institutions, including Jytte Jensen, Laurence Kardish, Marian Masone, Joanna Ney, Richard Pena and Rajendra Roy and runs from March 26th to April 6th 2008. Lucky you New Yorkers as there are some very good films that I’m looking forward to see.

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