Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 Days In Paris

Here I was waiting for Woody Allen’s One more movie and I found it! Okay Allen does not direct it, nor he acts here or has anything to do with this movie, but if you enjoyed Allen’s NY/New England neurotic movies then you have to see this movie as not only it feels just like those incredible neurotic films but also has a lot of sex … well, only with words.

I wasn’t going to see this movie as I did not enjoyed Julie Delpy movies with Ethan Hawke, but the video store clerk insisted and I decided to give it a try and boy, what a surprise as is quite a good movie.

This Julie Delpy oeuvre (she writes, directs, performs the lead, edits, composes score, sings, selects a very good casting that includes her real life mother and father –both are actors-, and who knows what else she did) is a very engaging movie thanks to a very well done screenplay with witty dialogues and all the craziness of neurotic behavior. Bravo!

The movie is half English half French with characters not understanding English and one character not understanding French, so just this circumstance generates quite interesting situations, even when some of them work on the too common “how rude French people are” cliché; but here is done from a French perspective as Julie Delpy even if living in America is still very-very French.

The movie tells about a couple French Marion (Delpy) and American Jack (Adam Goldberg) that have been living together in New York for the last 2 years, take their summer vacation in Italy and on their way back to NY decide to stop 2 days in Paris to visit her parents, do some sightseeing and get into real trouble with their relationship. Basically is a story about commitment and fear to get your relationship to the next level.

This film is a very dark comedy and I just loved the comment from Time magazine critic when he says: the “movie may appeal to the dark side of your immune system”, he he and it is soooo true! Think that you have to see it to believe it.

The DVD extras have an interview with Delpy that you cannot miss as is very-very amusing, entertaining (quite rare in an interview) and allows you to meet a Delpy that I personally never imagined.

The movie was premiered out of competition at the 2007 Berlinale, won the Coup de Coeur at the 2007 Mons International Festival of Love Films, was nominated for Best Writing – Original Screenplay at the 2008 César Awards and nominated for Best First Feature at the 2008 Independent Spirit Awards.

Not for all audiences you have to like French movies, dark comedies and the best reference to really enjoy this movie is that is totally related to Woody Allen earlier movies.


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