Saturday, January 19, 2008

Vampire Diary

Well, now I know why someone told me that this movie was good and yes it is perhaps the best vampire movie I have ever seen, but then I haven’t seen that many as they are more gore and fantasy than anything else. But this one is not as there are no super powers here; all are just “normal” human beings.

This one as a movie looks more like a music video until we find one girl is pregnant, then has very good cinematography; but the most interesting part is the editing which is very good as keeps the narrative interesting and flawlessly flowing. Also having many scenes shot with a hand-held camera –to give the idea of video diaries- gives you that dizzy effect that looks wonderful in the black and white scenes taken when is the vampire the one recording her diary.

The story is about what happens when a real vampire meets the “weekend” vampires or if you wish, those involved in the popular Goth scene just for the weekend. But actually the story is more about what would you do when you find that your girlfriend is a vampire? But not only that you find, you also find that she’s pregnant. You know, if you use your imagination and take out all the vampire situations you end up with a quite close to real life story about two girls relationship. So, the story is not that bad. Obviously if you really like vampire movies you do not have to use your imagination as what you see could probably be your deep deepest lesbian vampire fantasy! So, everyone could be pleased with this story no matter how you see it.

It is not a masterpiece but it is entertaining, Goth, loud, has good soundtrack and I do believe that is a must be seen in the genre as is a love story between two girls. Yes I like it, but have to admit that I used my wild imagination, lol!


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