Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Very, very Burtonesque and magnificent. Yes even I found it great. There is a lot of gore and red blood –this should have been named there will be blood- but it is done in an extraordinary and surprising tasteful way.

Being familiar with the story I have to say that I enjoyed a lot this film and Johnny Depp performance, he is so good with characters like this. Besides the Burton/Depp duo have done great and strange movies and this one is not an exception.

Directed by Tim Burton at his best, this blend of satire, slapstick and very dark humor is literally dark with great cinematography, excellent framing and good visual effects, including the tons of red blood that pour from victims, I couldn’t stop emitting nervous laughs with all the fountains of red material, lol!

Most impressed with Johnny Depp singing especially in that song about Pretty Women and Helena Bonhan Carter seems to have the time of her life as the singing Mrs. Lovett but she’s always great in roles like this one; I even liked Sasha Baron Cohen performance (never thought I was going to say that) as his role suits him perfectly. Loved Alan Rickman as the bad Judge Turpin and the kid, Timothy Spall that sings so beautiful. Yep, I loved the movie.

As someone said, this is movie that the less you know about the story, the less you read reviews and the less you see trailers, the better you will enjoy the film with all the surprising twists (Broadway purists expect differences) and since I do agree I wont tell much about it.

The movie is nominated for three Oscars, including the Best Actor nomination for Johnny Depp, who already won a Golden Globe, as well as the movie for Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy. The movie and Johnny Depp have more wins and nominations and are well deserved.

As John Logan –the screenplay writer- says “the Broadway show is an horror musical, the film became an horror film with music, a fascinating psychological drama mixed with a marvelous comedy of dark humor” and I believe it is the best way to describe this excellent film.

This is a magnificent horror movie with music and yes it is a little bit (or maybe a lot) arty but I feel that is a crowd pleaser that almost everyone could like, so do not miss it and go to the theater closer to you.


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