Monday, January 07, 2008

Niñas Mal (Charm School)

By now you now that I have a very eclectic taste for movies, so it is no surprise that I saw this one just looking forward to seeing another young girls school movie. Well, to my surprise this one was fun and I laugh a lot with the silly things they say and do. See, when living in Mexico I met people just like the ones they portrait there and yes they do speak –and behave- like that, that was so funny to see it in the screen.

The story is very silly with five girls going to a four-week intensive charm course to learn to be “Señoritas” one was a rebel, another nerdy, another just silly, another stuffy and another lesbian and a singer; and yes the lesbian girl mother send her there to get cured, but it’s a nice silly situation, no drama here as this is a comedy.

By the way this movie is a hundred times better than the other Mexican movie Así del Precipicio that was absolutely awful.

Just because is funny, even when at times the acting is really bad, I’m going to give it the lesbian interest label and suggest that you see it to have 90 minutes of silly fun.

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